(Cover) - EN Movies - Lenny Kravitz feels “fortunate” to have landed a role in The Hunger Games.

The Grammy-winning musician portrays softly-spoken stylist Cinna in the upcoming sci-fi action thriller based on the Suzanne Collins novel series.

Lenny admits that the role serendipitously landed in his lap as a result of a phone call from director Gary Ross.

“How hard [did I go] after it? I was on the other end of the phone, that's about it," Lenny told MTV News. “I wish I had a great, struggling story, but I was working on my album when Gary Ross called and said, 'I'd like you to do this movie, The Hunger Games,' and so the first thing I had to ask was, 'What is Hunger Games?' because I honestly did not know. He told me and I downloaded the book that night, read it, called him back promptly the next day and said, 'Thank you very much, I'll be there.' So I was very fortunate.”

Gary was impressed with Lenny’s portrayal of Nurse John in the 2009 drama Precious.

“He liked the performance in Precious and thought that Nurse John and Cinna shared some similar qualities as far as being nurturing characters, and that sold him," Lenny said.

Lenny was motivated to be a part of the project, as he was so enthralled in the books.

“Here I am, I'm recording all day in the studio, I'm tired, it's probably two in the morning, I'm finished. I pick up the computer, and already your eyes are tired, and I'm starting to read this thing. And I was so tired, and I didn't want to keep reading, I wanted to put it down, but I couldn't,” Lenny recalled. “It really kept my attention, the story kept building. That sold me right there: the storytelling. It really all comes down to that.”

Lenny stars alongside Jennifer Lawrence, Josh Hutcherson, Elizabeth Banks and Liam Hemsworth in The Hunger Games.

The feature will be released this weekend.