Veteran artists who may have trouble getting word about a new album out via traditional methods may have a brand new venue.

Lionel Richie kicked off HSN's (Home Shopping Network) new series of live concerts on Friday night with music from his new album Tuskegee, selling an amazing 20,000 copies in one hour.

It's not the first time that an artist has gone the home shopping route to get publicity for their new album (Barry Manilow has done it before on QVC) but it is the first time that the sales totals were this notable.

The actual album is not released until a week from tomorrow (March 26) but those sales are enough to put the album on the charts a week early. Add in the fact that Tuskegee is a joint venture with some of the biggest names in Nashville, rerecording some of Richie's best known material as duets, and you have the making of a bonafied hit.

Richie's last studio album, Just Go, peaked at number 24 on the Billboard album chart while 2006's Coming Home went to number 6.