Rapper Fabolous threw so much money around a nightspot that some of the notes even settled on a chandelier.

The hip-hop star is known for being generous with his wealth, something he lived up to earlier this week.

The star spent time at a strip club in Atlanta called Diamonds on Wednesday evening. He livened up the party by throwing $28,000 into the crowd, with notes lying several thick over the floor.

“The cash tornado got so out of control - a layer of money even settled on the club chandelier,” reports TMZ, which also has pictures of the event.

In the images, several people are seen looking on in amazement as cash lines the floor. In another picture the rapper can be see standing next to wads of cash, all of which are several inches thick.

Fabolous was at the establishment as radio personality Kenny Burns was throwing a lavish bash there.

Last month, Fabolous splashed out on 120 bottles of champagne for his friend’s birthday. The Rosé Moët cost him $45,000 and were delivered to him and the group in a golden carriage.

The rapper is one of the biggest names in the business, having worked with stars such as Timbaland, Ne-Yo and Pharrell Williams.