Beyoncé Knowles showed off pictures of her new daughter and gushed about parenting at a recent party.

The American singer and her husband Jay-Z welcomed their first daughter, Blue Ivy, into the world in January. They were among the group who celebrated Robin Thicke’s 35th birthday at New York City restaurant Catch recently, and couldn’t help talking about their newborn.

“Beyoncé was showing off Blue Ivy’ baby pics, and the talk at the table was all about the joys of parenting,” a source told New York Post.

Jay-Z kept things casual in a simple T-shirt and cap combination, while Beyoncé was looking more glamorous and apparently “glowing with motherhood”.

Also at the party were music stars Russell Simmons and Andre Harrell, with the group of 20 enjoying several courses which lasted three hours.

Robin was keen to keep the mood festive so asked for a playlist on his iPod to be played on while they all ate. The tunes went down so well they were played to everyone in the restaurant.

It seems the songs won Robin at least one special admirer – he was sent a $30,000 bottle of champagne by one well-wisher at the eatery.