Absolute Radio’s Pete Mitchell spoke to Noel Gallagher in an exclusive interview as part of a 2-hour documentary special to air on digital stations Absolute Radio 00s on Wednesday 14th March from 6pm and Absolute Radio 90s on Thursday 22nd March from 9pm. The man, recently crowned Godlike Genius at the NME awards revealed just how important his hometown was in shaping his career, explaining that:

“Manchester, as a musician, is a great place to grow up because you’ve got everything you need is there; little venues, big venues, nightclubs, or you had then nightclubs, music shops, if you needed a bass player you can get one, it’s got a musical history, it had great DJs at Piccadilly Radio, yourself being one”

Noel’s critically acclaimed album High Flying Birds has flown off the shelves both physically and digitally and Noel explains that he was confident that it would do well:

“I expect greatness from myself. So when people are saying ‘Wow, this is amazing’ and it’s selling, I don’t feel very proud of myself, I think that’s what I should be doing anyway, and I’m quite critical of myself, but, by the same rule, it’s great, I’ve got to say, but I kind of knew it would be well received because I’ve made so many records in the past and I knew that this collection of songs was a good collection of songs, if nothing else, you know.”