Get ready for the return of The Osbournes, only this time they will be in animated form.

No final deal has been set but Toronto's Cuppa Coffee Studios is trying to sell a new animated series, The F'n Osbournes, based on the first family of reality TV. The studio is hoping to sell a twenty-show package at the upcoming Cannes International Television Market. They are previously responsible for MTV's Celebrity Death Match and Comedy Central's Ugly Americans.

The Osbourne family seems to be all on board with Sharon and Jack producing along with Cuppa Coffee's founder Adam Shaheen. According to Shaheen, the show "combines absurd animated sitcom premises that only the Osbournes can pull off!"

Sharon told the Hollywood Reporter "Teaming up with Cuppa Coffee has spawned a great opportunity to produce a unique animated primetime show."

While most would say that the original family of reality TV was the Louds from the early-70's PBS series An American Family, it was The Osbournes that kicked off the current plethora of reality-based shows when they allowed cameras into their home from 2002 to 2005.