Kevin Bacon has led the tributes to The Monkees singer Davy Jones who died yesterday from a heart attack.

The Footloose star was among the many celebrities to take to social networking sites to voice their shock at the passing of the 66-year-old musician.

Kevin even credited Davy with being one of the reasons that he wanted to become a star.

“When I was a kid I wanted to be Davy Jones,” he wrote. “Big part of what led me to showbiz. R.I.P.”

Davy’s bandmate Peter Tork, 70, told Entertainment Weekly that he had “great sadness.”

“His talent will be much missed,” Peter said. “His gifts will be with us always. My deepest sympathy to Jessica [Pacheco – his wife] and the rest of his family.”

Mickey Dolenz, who was also in the hit Sixties group, said he was “in a state of shock.”

“Davy and I grew up together and shared in the unique success of what became The Monkees phenomena. The time we worked together and had together is something I’ll never forget.”

Legendary singer Neil Diamond said he was “sad to hear” about Davy’s passing.

“The Monkees were such a sensation that it was a thrill for me to have them record some of my early songs,” Neil wrote.

“I’m so saddened by the news that Davy Jones has passed away,” actress Melissa Joan Hart said. “I used to watch The Monkees after school on Nick everyday!”

Eva Longoria, Alyssa Milano and Shannon Elizabeth were among the other celebrities to tweet their condolences.