It all started on the day before the Super Bowl when New York Daily News columnist Julian Garcia said "I'd like to see a true American icon invited to take part in the most iconic of American events: Weird Al Yankovic."

What may or may not have been a serious comment has spawned numerous on-line petitions to make Al next year's half-time performer. One of the big ones over at has already gathered 17,671 signatures and a group on Facebook, Weird Al for Superbowl Half Time Show!, has almost 6,000 members.

Even Time has joined in on the chorus of supporters, posting their five reasons why Al should perform next year.

But what is Al's reaction to all of the interest? At first, he took it as a joke, tweeting "But...Sunday's my laundry day!" but, by this past week, he has come out and said he would be honored to do the show. He told TMZ, "I'd be surprised if that's being seriously considered by the NFL, but prove me wrong!"