Since Noel Gallagher was joined on stage by Coldplay's Chris Martin on the piano at the BRITs the backbone behind Oasis has released a sample that could be on the band's next album.

On a Coldplay road crew blog it reveals that Chris was so impressed by Noel "stamping on a pedal and starting off a loop of glorious noise" during the rehearsals he recorded it on his iPhone, saying it was the most amazing thing he'd ever heard.

Gallagher later offered Coldplay the pedal to record the actual audio from it.

The roadie wrote:

"Chris is holding it with great reverence and excitement. "Can you record what's in here immediately? And then give it Rik? We're going to take it back to the studio and run it through Jonny's rig and mic it up".

"Where it'll end up, I've no idea, but if it finds its way into a song, Noel could easily be playing on the next record without ever having set foot in the studio. Wonderful madness..."