Meat Loaf is inspired by Florence Welch because she is “truly passionate”.

The rocker is a huge fan of the British singer, who performs as Florence + the Machine. Although it may appear to be a clash of musical genres, Meat Loaf believes he has a lot in common with the flame-haired indie pop star.

“I’m a huge fan,” he said during an interview with British newspaper The Daily Mail. “I love the way Florence combines a great sense of rhythm with genuine emotion. Most singers can’t express much emotion, but she is truly passionate.”

Meat Loaf has been enjoying success in the charts since the release of his album Bat Out of Hell in 1977.

The 64-year-old is currently promoting his new record Hell in a Handbasket and likes to keep in touch with who is dominating the music industry.

Meat Loaf revealed he is friends with Adele and has been offering her support recently. Adele was forced to take a break from singing last year after undergoing surgery on her throat and Meat Loaf has also experienced similar frustrations.

The 64-year-old musician was ordered to reduce his demanding work schedule last year due to severe throat problems.

“I always want to sing. I had a swollen vocal cord and protruding blood vessels, so it was a struggle,” he explained. “But I was determined to continue even though I had to visit a doctor every night. My problems were similar to Adele’s. I actually sent her a message saying that every singer understood what she was going through.”