(Cover) - EN Movies - Meat Loaf would love to work with David Fincher again.

The rocker had a part in the director’s hit movie Fight Club and the role made a big impact on his career.

In the 1999 film the star played Robert ‘Bob’ Paulson, a support group member who gets embroiled in a violent, anti-establishment organisation led by Edward Norton’s nameless character.

The movie wasn’t a huge success at the box office but turned into a cult film following its DVD release.

“That was sort of a departure for me - it was a better script [laughs]. David Fincher is such a great director,” Meat Loaf said. “One of my agent’s clients is in The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. My agent went to the premiere in New York and he texted me, ‘I just saw David Fincher,’ so I texted him back saying, ‘Go back and ask him when he’s going to hire me again.’ David laughed and said I’m always on his list.”

The musician also revealed that he had an amazing time filming in the UK.

Meat Loaf made his big screen debut in The Rocky Horror Show in 1975, which was partly shot in England.

“I was originally cast in One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest as Billy Bibbit, but there was a writer’s strike and I ended up doing The Rocky Horror Show instead,” he said. “I had the time of my life in London. I made friends with a Pakistani taxi driver. He was a member of the Playboy Club and he took me. You could gamble there in those days. I went in with £40 and came out with £23,000 - I was rich, dude! £23,000! I went and bought an apartment.”

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