Lenny Kravitz performed a small show at a nightclub after a dare from P. Diddy.

The singer-songwriter was enjoying himself at the 1Oak Las Vegas on Saturday evening, when fellow reveller P.Diddy took to the microphone to coax him into singing to the waiting crowd.

According to the New York Post, the rapper declared to club-goers: “I’ve never seen Lenny perform for less than 100,000 people.”

After being challenged by P. Diddy, Lenny took to the stage with the star and hip-hop artist Common for almost an hour, the publication reports.

During the set, Lenny apparently asked the crowd to “pay tribute” to “the Godfather, Quincy Jones, in the building.”

Lenny continued to enjoy himself with a crowd of people until 4am, when he left the club.

The 47-year-old star released his latest musical offering Black and White America last year.

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