Zooey Deschanel was “mortified” when she realised Axl Rose was wearing “butt-less pants” at a concert.

The actress-and-singer has been a huge music fan her whole life. She can vividly remember the first concert she ever attended – although not for all the right reasons.

“[The] first gig my parents took my sister and me to… was a Rolling Stones concert at a giant arena when I was eight. Guns N’ Roses opened and Axl Rose wore butt-less pants,” she recalled. “I was mortified that you could see his butt! At eight. That was like the most ridiculous thing I’d ever seen.”

The 32-year-old enjoys modern music, but it is the older stars who really get her creative juices flowing. She is a huge fan of The Beach Boys and was beside herself when she got to meet one of the stars of the US rock group.

“[I love] old music. Interviewing Brian Wilson from The Beach Boys was life-changing,” she told Company magazine.

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