Jason Derulo and Jordin Sparks sing to each other around the house.

The pair are dating and like to bounce off each other when it comes to their singing careers.

Jason has revealed that Jordin – who won the sixth season of American Idol – enjoys serenading him with her soulful voice.

“I’m actually in a relationship with Jordin Sparks,” he confirmed, before adding: “We do [sing to each other] actually.

“She’s always, always singing so that’s really cool. There’s not many voices like that – it’s really special.”

Jason recently took to his Twitter page to ask fans their opinions on a possible collaboration. The 22-year-old star is looking forward to introducing different flavours onto his next record.

“There were a lot of Bruno Mars and a lot of Jessie J. I think that was the most common one, and she’s actually a really good friend of mine, which is ironic,” he said.

“Lil Wayne – there were a lot of different ones. I’m actually in the studio now. I’m definitely going to do some collaborations on this album. I haven’t done any collaborations in my career so it will be really cool to introduce some of that this time.”

Jason also discussed fracturing his neck.

The singer sustained the injury while rehearsing for his Future History tour, which was subsequently put on hold.

“I’m taking one day at a time,” he told the Kyle and Jackie O radio show. “I was preparing for the Future History tour, trying to make the best show possible – there’s lots of acrobatics, tumbling and crazy stuff. I was rehearsing and did a back tuck (a backflip with no hands) and for some reason I didn’t land it this time.

“I’d done numerous ones that day, but for some reason I didn’t land this one – I landed on my head. I fractured my vertebrae, which is the same bone that breaks when you’re hung. So it’s called the hangman break. I’m very lucky to be here. I’m very blessed I’m here.”

Jason has mused about whether he’d attempt the trick again following the injury.

“I don’t know. I haven’t thought that far yet. I try not to,” he laughed. “My mother definitely doesn’t want me to do it again.”

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