Jared Leto says being in a band “changes your outlook on life”.

The American singer is frontman for alternative rock group 30 Seconds to Mars – also comprising of drummer Shannon Leto and guitarist Tomo Milicevic.

Jared says performing, meeting new people, travelling and experiencing different cultures on the road makes being in a band even more fulfilling.

“You learn about yourselves, you learn what you’re capable of, what can make the experience more fulfilling, learn about cities, you learn about foods, you learn about people. You learn what to say yes to and what to say no to. You learn what’s important, really, and what’s not,” he told Kerrang! magazine.

“Your experience, your perspective on places, whether it’s the UK or China, it changes your outlook on life and in turn what you have to offer as an artist – how you create music and how you write music.”

30 Seconds to Mars have released three studio albums to date, 30 Seconds to Mars, A Beautiful Lie and This is War. They have also set a world record for the Longest Concert Tour by a Rock Band - playing a total of 309 concert shows in just over two years since the release of This Is War in 2009.

Jared has discussed how he feels about everything the band have achieved.

“I think there’s still a lot of fight in us, but there’s also, at the same time quite a bit of peace, contentment, and I think an understanding and a knowingness of ourselves at the same time, which is good. It’s very good,” he mused.

“We always strive to do the best that we can, bring out the best in ourselves through whatever process we take on and it’s not always easy, but we hope that it’s always fulfilling and worthy.

“But there are always left turns to take, corners to turn, new turn; there are new adventures.”

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