The city of St. Louis wants to go where no other city in the U.S. has. They want to open the National Blues Museum.

There are other museums in the country about blues, but many are dedicated to a single artist or a certain geographic area. The St. Louis project would look at the music as a whole and salute the greats from all over the country.

According to their Mission Statement:

The National Blues Museum explores and preserves the historic significance of the Blues as the foundation for American music, celebrates the genre's various styles, and recognizes the musicians who created, sustain and advance the art form.

Plans are for a 25,000 square foot programming area, a 100-seat theater and "technology and artifact-driven exhibits." Exhibits and programs will be aimed at blues lovers, vacationers and school groups of all ages in an effort to educate about the genre.

Once again, according to their site, education will include:

Equip area teachers with resources that connect students and the music of today with America's rich musical heritage.
Provide opportunities for youth and families to enrich their appreciation of music within an educational setting.
Inspire youth to pursue post-secondary education and professional careers in music and expose them to the many facets of the music and entertainment industries.
Increase access to music programs in underprivileged communities and provide additional resources for music education in schools.
Lead the movement to increase music education in schools and communities.
Explore American history through the various regional Blues music genres that were born in the 20th century.
Address issues like race, diversity, culture, and interdisciplinary studies through the Blues and highlight worldwide contributions made by African-Americans.
Provide avenues for the exploration of history, sociology and the various musical genres that sprang from the Blues.

Those who are interested can donate to the future museum in two ways, directly to the museum fund or through The Honeyboy Edwards Fund for the Blues whose purpose is to acknowledge the elders of the blues.

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