Vanessa Hudgens felt enriched by her recent stay in a homeless shelter.

The Gimme Shelter portrays pregnant teen character Agnes Bailey in the upcoming film.

Vanessa is elated with what she’s learned after exposing herself to the raw life circumstances Agnes faces.

“For Gimme Shelter, my character ends up at this pregnant, homeless teen shelter that's actually ran in New Jersey by a woman and I actually went and stayed in the shelter for two weeks before I started filming,” Vanessa said in an interview on American talk programme Rachael Ray. “So I mean like, I lived there with all the girls, with all the kids, so I think that it's really interesting because you find so much more about yourself.”

Vanessa and the rest of the star-studded cast altered their physical appearances dramatically for this film.

“I actually cut my own hair for this movie, I did that to myself, yes I did,” Vanessa explained. “[Rosario Dawson and I] both look so messed up in this movie.”

Vanessa loves her work, but she is also a big fan of music. She can’t wait to see one of her favourite artists triumph at this Sunday’s 54th Annual Grammy Awards.

“I mean I'm really excited to see Adele come back, considering she's been taking her rest [for throat surgery] and she's so amazing,” Vanessa gushed. “I'm such a big fan of hers. She really is, her voice is just so stunning, so I'm excited to see her come back, yeah, working it!”

Vanessa’s new film Gimme Shelter, which also stars Brendan Fraser, will be released in US cinemas later this year.

The star’s interview on Rachael Ray will be aired in America Friday.

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