Quincy Jones saw the “sweet side” of Amy Winehouse.

The British songstress was five times the UK drinking and driving alcohol limit when she died at her home last July, aged just 27.

Amy had a much-publicised battle with drinks and drugs throughout her short life, but record producer Quincy was able to see past her troubled character.

“I saw the sweet side of Amy, as I always try to look for the sweet side of people. Naomi [Campbell], who has been like my daughter for 19 years, she has lots of anger management issues, but I always look for the sweet side, like I did with Amy,” he told the March edition of GQ magazine.

“It was kinda creepy, in a way, that her last release was on my record. But Amy? Well, she was going through a lot of changes.”

Quincy was impressed by Amy’s extensive musical knowledge.

He thinks the star’s tragic passing is a loss to the industry and expressed his deep regret about her untimely death.

“When I met her at the Mandela concert she said, ‘I know all your music, even from back when you were my age, 24 years old, when you did The Swingin’ Miss D with Dinah Washington,’” he recalled.

“I was absolutely shocked by her knowledge, but then I was shocked by what happened to her.”

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