Disney has pulled the T-Shirts that they released in their stores and on their website on Monday with a variation on Joy Division's album Unknown Pleasures. The shirt depicted Mickey's head with the waves produced by a pulsar from space.
A Disney spokesman said "As soon as we became aware there could be an issue, we pulled it from our shelves and our online store to review the situation further."

Randy Bachman and Fred Turner (aka Bachman-Turner) will appear in the upcoming Will Farrell/Zach Galifianakis film Dog Fight. The pair play themselves at a political celebration playing their classic Takin' Care of Business.
The U.S. Postal Service is issuing a commemorative stamp for jazz great and Rock and Roll Hall of Fame member Miles Davis. The stamp will be part of a joint release with the French Postal Service whose stamp will feature Edith Piaf.

Lee Barham, chairman of the steering committee for the Miles Davis Jazz Celebration, said "Miles Davis was one of the greatest jazz musicians and trumpet players in the world. Before Michael Jackson and Elvis Presley, there was Miles Davis."

Alice Cooper makes a guest appearance on his son's band's new EP. Dash Cooper is part of the group Runaway Phoenix and their new EP has Dad playing on the opening track Tug of War.