Quincy Jones has amazed with his “party animal” antics at the Sundance Film Festival.

The 78-year-old record producer has been at the prestigious movie event to support his daughter Rashida Jones, who is promoting her picture Celeste and Jesse Forever.

He began his big weekend by attending a party in honor of the release on Friday night, where he partied until 2am.

“The Sundance Film Festival’s unlikely party animal this year has been music legend Quincy Jones,” reports New York Post.

A source added to the publication that staff at Friday’s bash were so astounded with the producer’s staying power they began to bring him water.

The star was out again the following the night, going to a special dinner before watching Drake perform at Bing Bar.

Drake was late on stage as he had problems getting to the event due to adverse weather conditions, but Quincy was undeterred. He partied in the VIP section of the venue until 1am, before visiting yet another nightspot at 2.30am to see DJ Kaskade in action.

He was seen having a great time with Aziz Ansari, with the pair staying until 4am.

“Quincy and Aziz would not leave,” an insider laughed.

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