Robin Gibb is still in a fight for his life, undergoing an eight-week course of chemotherapy designed to treat his liver cancer.

Gibb was trying alternative therapies suggested by his wife, Dwina; however, it eventually became apparent that he needed to go back to a more conventional treatment. According to the Daily Mail, he has just completed the eight-week treatment of chemotherapy and had hoped to attend a charity event this past Wednesday night but was too ill. His spokesman, Mick Garbutt, told the paper "He would have absolutely loved to be here in person, but unfortunately that simply hasn’t been possible with his health. It is true to say he is very unwell, but he’s an incredible man and enjoys lots of support from his close circle of friends and family, and particularly from his wife Dwina. While he can still use his profile to raise awareness for issues close to his heart he will always do so."

In brighter news, Robin has written his first piece of classical music which will premier on April 10 in London. Written with his son, R.J., the piece salutes those who lost their lives on the Titanic. The April event will include a performance of the piece by the Royal Philharmonic along with a hologram showing the boat, the sea and the iceberg.
The album of the composition will be released on March 19. The pair have also written a memorial to the first world war although no premier date is scheduled.