Pete Wentz thinks Alexa Chung is “such a babe”.

The Fall Out Boy musician was famously married to Ashlee Simpson, who filed for divorce in February last year.

Pete recently took part in a question and answer session with his Twitter fans. One follower took an interest in his personal life, and asked who he prefers out of British model Alexa and Coco Rocha.

“alexa is such a babe. wears rad gear too (sic),” he gushed.

Pete has a famous rivalry with punk bank Cobra Starship frontman Gabe Saporta. The 32-year-old star admits that Gabe takes the popularity crown, but he has more of a reputation.

“i think gabe is,” he responded when asked who’s more popular. “but I'm infamous.

“i don't feel like i am very famous (sic).”

Fall Out Boy announced an indefinite hiatus in late 2009. One fan touched on the subject of the band reforming.

The follower asked if Pete would consider “bringing back” Fall Out Boy if Green Day frontman Billie Joe Armstrong asked to collaborate with them.

“nah,” he replied nonchalantly. “But that'd be really flattering (sic).”

Pete also answered a few novelty questions. The bass player responded to a specific pet query from one follower.

“dogs in real life, cats on the internet (sic),” he wrote when asked which animal he prefers.

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