Sinead O'Connor has checked into a hospital for treatment of her depression. The singer recently said she attempted suicide and called for help through her Twitter account. She is also divorcing her husband of four months, blaming it on the excessive scrutiny of the press.
O'Connor said she should be in the facility for two weeks. "Good team. They will put me back together quick."

Ringo Starr will be interviewed live on Sirius XM Radio January 30 to talk about his new album Ringo 2012, out the next day. Producer Don Was will moderate the discussion and Russell Brand will act as the interviewer. It is expected that Starr will also perform.

A Twitter account professing to belong to Gary Glitter has said that an announcement is imminent of a book, remastered albums and a comeback world tour.
Whether any of this comes to pass is unknown as Glitter has been mired in numerous child pornography and child sexual abuse charges both in the U.K. and in Viet Nam and is currently on the sex offenders list which would make traveling outside the U.K. and into many countries difficult or impossible.

Duff McKagan of Guns N' Roses and Velvet Revolver has come out in favor of the SOPA and PIPA bills in congress to control on-line piracy. In his column in Seattle Weekly, he said:
Bad for business. Anti-piracy legislation could be bad for the Internet business. It almost takes my breath away. Internet piracy has claimed half of the recorded music business, and made the prospect of making a living as a musician harder for artists of all rank and file. Why didn't Google, or Facebook, or Wikipedia ever stand in solidarity with musicians, actors, and writers — most of whom have never known fame and fortune — as their works were stolen with no recourse on their sites?

Soul Tracks is reporting that bassist Henry Davis has passed away. He had his greatest success as part of the group L.T.D. but was also a member of Friends of Distinction and played on albums by numerous artists including Lionel Richie and Morris Day and the Time. Possibly his most famous bass part was on Diana Ross' Love Hangover.

Lyndie Benson-Gorelick, the wife of Kenny G, has filed for separation after twenty years of marriage. According to TMZ, the cause is "irreconcilable differences" and both parties have hired high-power lawyers.

The Dubliners and Don McLean will receive the Lifetime Achievement Awards at BBC Radio 2's Folk Awards next month. McLean will be on the road this year with his 40th Anniversary of American Pie tour wile the Dubliners will be out celebrating their 50th anniversary.