Courtney Love will not be evicted from her New York City townhouse.

An eviction lawsuit was brought against the troubled rock musician by her landlady Donna Lyon last month.

Donna alleged that Courtney destroyed the $27,000 per month luxury home by going against the lease and lavishly decorating.

The landlord also claimed that Courtney owed at least $54,000 for two months of back rent.

TMZ reports that the judge presiding over the case dismissed it expediently.

The judge ruled in Courtney’s favour because he did not agree that the singer compromised her lease or owed any money in rent.

After the lease was signed, Courtney and Donna made an agreement to alter the payment schedule. The judged believed that Courtney was paying in accordance with the new deal and was against Donna attempting to enforce their original contract.

In the lawsuit, Donna also wanted Courtney removed from the home on the grounds that the star the star accidentally set some curtains on fire while burning a candle in June 2011.

The judge did not address the inferno issue, as the case was dropped minutes into the hearing.

Courtney has spoken about her shock at the proceedings before.

"[T]his whole experience is weird as heck,” she posted on in December. “I moved into this home only on the condition that I could paint it and when I leave, I'd restore it to exactly what it was. Since I darkened the door she (the owner) has been vicious to me and my staff. (sic)”

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