Veteran artists picked up or were the subject of a couple of movie awards over the weekend. Martin Scorsese won the Best Documentary Feature award at the 17th annual Critic's Choice Awards for George Harrison: Living in the Material World."
On Sunday night, Scorsese won again at the Golden Globes for his film Hugo but Madonna was the veteran artist who came out on top of the Original Song category for Masterpiece from her film W.E. (co-written with Julie Frost and Jimmy Harry). In winning, she beat out Elton John and Bernie Taupin, Chris Cornell and Mary J. Blige who were also nominated.

The Coachella Festival expanded to two weekends this year, boasting the same lineup each week, to try and accommodate more people. Even with double the capacity, both weekends sold out in just under three hours.

Bruce Springsteen was in Asbury Park, NJ over the weekend, shooting a video for one of the songs on his upcoming album on Friday. The shoot included an appearance by singer-songwriter Willie Nile who is reportedly also on the album track.
Saturday night, Springsteen appeared at the annual Light of Day charity concert which raises money to fight Parkinson's Disease. A full report on the show and his appearance can be found on Rolling Stone's site.

Sinead O'Connor's marriage is off again, possibly for good, with the singer blaming the media.
Last week, an article was published by a British tabloid questioning whether her new husband should be counseling drug addicted teens while his wife was seeking drugs. The article sent O'Connor into a tailspin and she apparently tried to commit suicide, going to the Twitter community for help.
O'Connor now says she hopes the media will leave her husband alone. "I will never again associate myself romantically with anyone as I could not bear to see these things done again to someone I love. Of course I have my children, family and friends so I am happy enough and will be old self in matter of days. for which I make no apology… Onward and upward."

The New Yorker magazine will break into a new frontier tomorrow (Monday) when, for the first time in their 87 year history, they will stream a song whose lyric they are publishing in their next edition. That song is Going Home from Leonard Cohen's upcoming album, Old Ideas, which will be out on Columbia on January 31.

Paul Muldoon, poetry editor for the magazine, said that they had printed the lyrics of music by Cohen, Bob Dylan and Paul Simon in recent years but they have never accompanied the publishing with an on-line stream of the song.

When Gerry Rafferty passed away last year, he didn't provide for his fiance, Ezina Fuschini, in his will which had been written before they met. Fuschini is now suing his estate under Britain's Inheritance Act of 1975 which allows those who were being supported by the deceased to receive a "reasonable financial provision" from the estate.

Charlie Collins, a guitarist and fiddler who played with Roy Acuff's Smokey Mountain Boys, passed away on Thursday at the age of 78 from a stroke. He was originally with the Pinnacle Mountain Boys and joined Acuff's group in 1966 where he stayed for 25 years. After leaving Acuff, he played with Bashful Brother Oswald and was a regular at the Grand Ole Opry as part of the Square Dance Band.
Word is that Collins played last Saturday night at the Opry and had the stroke on Sunday morning.