The Walk Off The Earth cover of Gotye and Kimbra’s ‘Somebody That I Used To Know’ was one of YouTube’s most watched videos in the past week with over 19 million views. 19,827,754 to be exact.

The video featuring five people playing one guitar at the same time was only posted a week ago and has generated millions of views for every day it was up.

The original song by Gotye and Kimbra was the biggest selling single of 2011 in Australia. Gotye’s ‘Making Mirrors’ album was the biggest selling Australian album of last year.

Walk Off The Earth are from Canada. They recruited Canadian singer Sarah Blackwood for the Kimbra part, uploaded to YouTube and drew in the views every single day.

Both Gotye and Kimbra tweeted their approval of the song but it also drew the attention of actor Russell Crowe who moonlights as a singer. Crowe offered his catalogue to Walk Off The Earth to play with and that may also lead to a collaboration.