Randy Jackson believes that American Idol is superior to other TV talent shows of its kind, including The X Factor and The Voice.

The American Idol judge was speaking at the show’s panel during the Television Critics Association Winter Session in Pasadena on Sunday.

Randy insisted that other singing competitions that are aired – including The X Factor featuring Simon Cowell and Paula Abdul – pale in comparison to Idol.

“Simon and Paula are dear friends of ours… I think that Idol is still the best TV of its kind anywhere, and we invented this whole game and everyone’s kind of copying it,” Randy explained, as shows like The X Factor and The Voice were brought up throughout the conversation. “We wish him well.”

Season 11 of the hit series premieres in the US later this month, and will also see the return of judges Steven Tyler and Jennifer Lopez.

Jennifer, who is famed for her emotionally charged reactions to contestants, insists her approach will not be any different in the new season.

“It hasn’t changed, we’re still the same people. I’m still an emotional person… We’re a little bit more comfortable, we’re still having fun,” she said.

“We have amazing talent so that always makes it more exciting.”

Jennifer will be juggling her judging duties with family life. The stunning star has toddler twins Max and Emme to care for, which she says will always be her priority.

“They are so little and cute. It’s a juggling act, just like any, you know, single mom, it’s just balancing everything out and making sure they’re OK. They come first… They feel loved happy and… they are, the most important thing in my life,” she said.

Steven says starring on Idol has boosted his celebrity status – despite being a rock legend. The Aerosmith star is recognised more – especially by a younger audience, who now appreciate his music.

“[Last season] it wasn’t really accepted up front [with the rock community], mostly from my own bandmates because they didn’t know what was going on with the Aerosmith thing at the end. But it’s brought younger kids to our music anyway,” he explained.

“It’s like, ‘Really?… I can’t go anywhere anymore,” he said.

American Idol Season 11 premieres on January 18 on FOX.

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