One of the most loved participants at the Eurovision Song Contest over the years has been Italy and their return last year was highly anticipated and when the end of the San Remo competition came, it was revealed that the winner of the Giovani section was ultimately the one to represent the nation. The young star known as Raphael Gualazzi and his song 'Madness of Love' was very much appreciated by the International Juries putting it in the top position as opposed to the eleventh place which the people ranked it. Ultimately the end result was that of a runner-up finish. One of the artists who is hoping to make it to the Italian competition, and perform of the grand stage of the Ariston Theatre is none other than our very own Romina Mamo who is also competing in this years' edition of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest.

In recent years, Romina has been quickly rising in terms of status having become a winner both on a local and an international level mostly thanks to her longtime collaboration with singer/songwriter Clinton Paul. She has also managed to make the finals of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest on three occasions, in 2003, 2005 and also this year but hopes that the Italian venture will be a great experience. The song which she is presenting is entitled "Chissà Perché" and can be found on the San Remo Social Page through Facebook which RAI is making use of for this particular competition. The shortlist will be announced soon enough but Romina requires your votes until the 8th January 2012.