Foo Fighters leader Dave Grohl has teamed up with members of 80s metal band Ratt for a new project.

The project will feature Dave Grohl together with Ratt’s Stephen Pearcy (vocals) and Warren DeMartini (guitar) and was revealed by Pearcy on his twitter account, however it appears that he has deleted a post from his official facebook page.

While we’re on the subject, 80s metal fans will be excited to know that Ratt are working on an album of their own. “Going to demo a couple song ideas for the RATT record next week. Amazing, amazing,” the singer said on Twitter.

Ratt formed in 1976 but their main success came in the mid-80s with a string of platinum albums including Out of the Cellar, Invasion of Your Privacy and Dancing Undercover. Guitarist Robbin Crosby died in 2002, although it is unclear if that was a result of his heroin addiction or being HIV positive. It is unclear who will be in the band when they reform.