Kimberly Wyatt gets annoyed when people have “sexual thoughts” about her famous dance move.

The former Pussycat Doll star is renowned for stretching her leg above her head in an impressive manner. Despite being respected in the world of dance, Kimberly admits that the move has caused her some problems when it comes to overzealous fans.

“Yes some positive and some not,” she said when asked if her leg gets fan mail. “In the dance world the leg lift is something that has a solid ballet foundation. Take it out of the dance world and sadly it becomes X-rated and people start having sexual thoughts.

“I get stuff like: ‘That move would look better naked.’ Or ‘You should do porn!’ Never fun to read!”

Kimberly is currently a judge on the UK TV show Got To Dance alongside Adam Garcia and British star Ashley Banjo.

The singer-and-trained dancer appreciates the talented people that audition for the show – particularly the male contestants.

“There’ve been quite a few sexy guys. I tell them if they’re cute or have sexy bodies,” she laughed in an interview with the British edition of OK! magazine.

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