Miles Kane says he and Alex Turner from Arctic Monkeys will get around to recording another album as The Last Shadow Puppets … eventually.

“That will be when the time is right. We will both know together,” Miles tells

The Last Shadow Puppets released ‘The Age of The Understatement’ in 2008 to critical acclaim. It reached number one in the UK.

“We are both enjoying our things but we are still working together which is great. We are both enjoying our paths and when the time is right we’ll go and do that again”, he says.

The Last Shadow Puppets began as a side-project for Miles who was in The Rascals and Alex from Arctic Monkeys. “We didn’t even expect to make a record,” he said. “We were just these two young guys who had written these songs and went to France for two weeks to record and see what would happen. In two weeks we recorded 11 songs. We had a great connection, me and Alex. It is a great partnership”.

A second album for The Last Shadow Puppets may even surface this year. “Maybe the end of this year. Maybe next year,” he says.

Watch the interview with Miles Kane below: