Seal insists he doesn’t release new albums just to “cash in”.

The 48-year-old singer is currently promoting his latest record Soul 2 – a follow-up to the 2008 album Soul.

Seal put everything he had into the record – which features his versions of some of his favourite soul classics.

Exhibiting his artistry in its purest form was a primary goal for the musician.

“I didn’t want to just cash in for the sake of [Soul 2’s] commercial success, I have never really done that,” Seal explained.

“But Soul 1 was built out of inspiration and I wanted Soul 2 to be the same.”

Seal is equally passionate about his personal life.

Balancing his career with fatherhood and his marriage to model Heidi Klum is a pleasurable challenge for the star.

“It is a lot easier in terms of the physical demands, but the most difficult part of it for me is being away from my family. [My four children] are all in school now and anyone who has kids will tell you that the school schedule dictates your schedule,” he explained. “But in terms of the physical demands of touring and doing live TV it is actually more enjoyable now and I think that is the biggest change.”

Soul 2 is now available in stores.

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