Van Halen fans worldwide including Flea from Red Hot Chili Peppers have welcomed news of a Van Halen world tour for 2012.

As it was announced at midnight California time Monday night. Flea jumped on Twitter to say, “alright van halen doing a tour with david lee roth …..yeeeeah muthafukkas”.

The last Van Halen tour was in 2007. The line-up featured David Lee Roth, Eddie Van Halen, Alex Van Halen and the newly recruited son of Eddie, Wolfgang Van Halen.

The last tour was simply a reunion tour. The 2012 tour will also promote a brand new album, Van Halen’s first since 1998 and first with David Lee Roth since 1984.

Dates will be announced soon and tickets for the tour go on sale on January 10.

Check out the 2007 setlist. It was classic Van Halen with songs only recorded with David Lee Roth and up to 1984.

You Really Got Me (from Van Halen, 1978)
I’m The One (from Van Halen, 1978)
Runnin’ With The Devil (from Van Halen, 1978)
Romeo Delight (from Woman and Children First, 1980)
Somebody Get Me A Doctor (from Van Halen II, 1979)
Beautiful Girls (from Van Halen II, 1979)
Dance The Night Away (from Van Halen II, 1979)
Atomic Punk (from Van Halen, 1978)
Everybody Want Some (from Woman and Children First, 1980)
So This Is Love (from Fair Warning, 1981)
Mean Street (from Fair Warning, 1981)
Oh Pretty Woman (from Diver Down, 1982)
Drum solo
Unchained (from Fair Warning, 1981)
I’ll Wait (from 1984, 1984)
And The Cradle Will Rock (from Woman and Children First, 1980)
Hot For Teacher (from 1984, 1984)
Little Dreamer (from Van Halen, 1978)
Little Guitars (from Diver Down, 1982)
Jamie’s Cryin’ (from Van Halen, 1978)
Ice Cream Man (from Van Halen, 1978)
Panama (from 1984, 1984)
Guitar solo
Ain’t Talkin’ About Love (from Van Halen, 1978)
1984 (from 1984, 1984)
Jump (from 1984, 1984)