Rihanna is reportedly following Katy Perry’s “dating rules” in a bid to land a boyfriend.

Rihanna has had a turbulent love life. She split from Chris Brown after he was charged with assaulting her in 2009. She has since been linked to baseball player Matt Kemp and her We Found Love promo co-star Dudley O’Shaughnessy.

Rihanna is reportedly seeking a stable relationship, and friend Katy has been on hand to help with advice.

The songstress is married to Russell Brand and knows a thing or two about maintaining a relationship in the glare of the media spotlight.

“Rihanna’s been saying that she’ll be all alone over the holidays, so Katy has told her to follow her dating rules in 2012 to ensure she finds a man. Katy thinks Rihanna should play the field and has told her ‘Make sure they know you’re dating other men and get them to fight over you,’” a friend of the pair told more! magazine.

Katy is also advising Rihanna to stay away from typical “bad boys”. The singer thinks the Barbadian beauty should go for a more considerate man.

“No more testosterone-driven athletes or performers. Try an accountant!” she supposedly told the star.

Katy has also advised the star on how to keep a man interested. The gorgeous star famously tamed sex-addict Russell by making him wait for sex, and thinks Rihanna should follow her lead.

“Ri has openly said how much she loves sex, but Katy’s told her she needs to be a tease,” the source added. “At the end of the night, she must go home and leave him wanting more.”

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