After appearing on VH1’s Divas together, 50 Cent says he’s planning to collaborate with Chaka Khan.

The pair teamed up on the show, Fiddy saying “It’s exciting. You see me, I’m standing next to the fire.”

Then he revealed to MTV News that the hip-hop megastar and the funk-soul goddess will appear on record with each other.

He said, “We’re working together. We’re working on a project now,”

“I reached out to her and made sure I could actually come with her tonight, hang out with her,” he said about their VH1 pairing, “You know you gotta stand next to ‘the fire’ to keep warm. You see what I’m saying? It’s getting cold out here. It’s winter time.”

And he noted, “It’s really exciting to keep yourself in company around people that have the same artistic integrity that you wanna be associated with.”

Khan was excited herself, saying that Fiddy “knows the ropes in a way I don’t, in a way I’m looking to. He’ll be giving me a lot of direction in the future”.