Mike Love talked at length with Rolling Stone about the upcoming 50th anniversary tour of the Beach Boys.
On who will be in the band: "Brian Wilson has an incredible band. We're using most of his band. And we've got [current Beach Boys touring] drummer John Cowsill and our guitarist, Scott Totten. We're kind of blending things together. I think, musically, it's going to be incredible."
On what you'll hear: "From what I understand, from a few of the promoters and venues that want us, they want to hear a lot of hits. But I think stuff from the Pet Sounds album and Smile will undoubtedly be included. It will be a comprehensive thing. We're going to try and be as inclusive of all the eras of the Beach Boys music as representatives of our catalogues because I know there are some people that are into one phase or another of our career, so we'll try to do what we can to incorporate everybody's wish list. That would be tough to do unless we did a week at Carnegie Hall. We've got hundreds of songs."

A judge has agreed to increase the amount that is paid to the executors of Michael Jackson's estate. Judge Mitchell Beckloff reasoned that John Branca and John McClain were mostly responsible for the $310 million that Jackson has made since his death, turning the singer's debt into profit.

Guitar great Joe Satriani is about to become a part of the comics world as he appears in the second volume of Eternal Descent. Comic writer Llexi Leon said "I reached out to Joe directly with a taster of previous 'Eternal Descent' collaborations and some ideas for incorporating his musical heritage into the world of comics. I was blown away when he responded a few days later, all the paperwork signed and his own ideas noted down along with the answers to some questions I had raised."

Nick Cave's group Grinderman might be gone but there's a good chance the Bad Seeds will be back soon with a new album.
Jim Sclavunos, who is a member of both bands, said it's time to get down to work. "We have kind of neglected Bad Seeds of late... It’s been about four years since we have done anything and I think it's high time we made some beautiful music together, again."

Red Hot Chili Pepper fans can now buy MP3 or lossless versions of all the shows from their European tour. Go to the RHCP site to check out the list of shows.