A new biography of Carly Simon is being released by Penguin/Gotham in January. More Room For a Broken Heart is by Stephen Davis, a supposed childhood friend of Simon's. Unfortunately, according to Roger Friedman at Showbiz 411, the book is full of inaccuracies and, possibly, some plagiarized passages.

Friedman says a number of stories are flat out untrue, including a supposed abortion in 1984, and that many other sections also stretch the truth or just plain make things up. One of the most notable is a story that has been sweeping the internet in the last couple of days that Simon confessed that the man that was "so vain" was, in fact, Mick Jagger with whom Davis said she had an affair right before her marriage to James Taylor. Simon denies the story.

Friedman also contends that there are many passages in the book that were taken from other sources, including three of his own articles and Simon stated that she had given Davis a few autobiographical pieces for research but not for publication and he used parts of them in the book. Simon's lawyers are looking into possible suits against the author.