Toni Braxton has a new boyfriend but is taking things slow as she’s so new to dating.

The American singer announced she had separated from her husband Keri Lewis in 2009. The pair have two sons together and it’s taken Toni a long time to feel ready for a new relationship.

She has now found someone she’s enjoying spending time with, but has no intention of rushing into anything.

“I’m new at dating, so the sl*t in me hasn’t come out yet,” she laughed to Access Hollywood. “I’m not ready to be public. I don’t know if it’s going to be serious. We haven’t even…”

The singer has been with her mystery man for around a month, but explained they aren’t in an exclusive relationship at the moment.

While Toni is black her new beau is white and she’s started to notice they have a lot of differences.

“He likes to hike and black people, we don’t like to hike,” she deadpanned.

The 43-year-old is happy at the moment. She describes her boyfriend as “really cute” and was happy to discuss how they got together.

It was him who made the first move, using an unconventional line to get her interested.

“He kind of flirted and said, ‘I love your music, I’m a huge fan. I hear you’re single. Ever date a white guy? I hear you haven’t, so here I am,’” she recalled. “Just like that! He went straight to the point.”

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