Estelle has no idea how long she will remain in the US.

The British-born singer moved to America to work on her second studio album Shine. She now feels settled in the country and although friends and family miss her, she is happiest making music there.

“I have been over there for almost five years now,” Estelle shared. “People always ask me, ‘When are you coming back?’ And I am like, ‘Well I am signed out there so I don’t know…’”

The 31-year-old’s decision to start a new life in America has paid off her for her career. Her duet with Kanye West on American Boy won the pair a Grammy Award in 2009. She has also worked with stars including, Busta Rhymes and David Guetta.

Although Estelle is happy in the US, she admits to feeling homesick at times. The singer often pines for her loved ones – and her favourite blackcurrant flavoured juice drink.

“I do come over and back, I just don’t announce it to the world that I am back. I come back to see my family and just chill,” she added. “I miss Ribena and shopping is different over here, you know.”

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