At 70, George Clinton continues to tour, write and record, adding to the legacy that is Parliament-Funkadelic. Unfortunately, his memories of the past are darkly colored with what he calls decades of wrong that were done to him and his groups.

In an aggressive litigation filed in the central district of California, the legendary artist has taken action to recover damages for alleged copyright & trademark infringement of valuable rights related to his act Funkadelic, and a bevy of intellectual properties that were allegedly pilfered early in his career, and will serve to complete a decade long struggle to recover that which was allegedly stolen long ago from the iconic artist.

According to his claim, Clinton asks for "damages, declaratory relief, permanent injunctive relief, and equitable relief … for the unauthorized use, sale, and other commercial exploitation of the sound recordings owned by Clinton under the artist name Funkadelic…" Clinton charges that a worldwide group of corrupt companies allegedly assumed "...unauthorized use of the Funkadelic trademark and Clinton's name, likeness and image for the unauthorized use, sale and commercial exploitation of these infringing products."

Clinton's lawyers take it even further, saying that they will not only show decades of allegedly corrupt business practices and fraudulent copyright filings, but will also expose a massive international web of conspirators and perpetrators.

"I worked my entire career to make music, and I trusted that established companies and some top level industry executives would not lie, steal or cheat… Most lawsuits are just about money, this one's about what's FUNKIN' right!" said Clinton. "I have been working with congressmen, elected officials and quality lawyers in order to right a ton of wrongs, not just for me, but for songwriters, composers and copyright holders everywhere."