Kids have voted Tulisa Contostavlos from N-Dubz the most magical celebrity in a poll among 1000 children aged between 4 and 16 in the UK. Only mum and dad came before her, as the most magical people in the children’s lives.

One Direction and JLS came fourth and fifth in the poll, conducted on behalf of the magical Lite Sprites toys, showing that boy bands are in hot favour, while Kelly Rowland was next in line at 6th place. All from the X-Factor, it shows that the popular family show has a big influence on creating kids’ favourite celebrities.

Kids also have a soft spot for their teachers as they beat Kate Middleton and David Beckham in the magical popularity poll.

Top 10 most magical people – ranked in order of preference:
1. Mum
2. Dad
3. Tulisa Contostavlos
4. One Direction
5. JLS
6. Kelly Rowland
7. My teacher
8. Janet Devlin
9. Kate Middleton
10. David Beckham

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