Estelle says her songs have more “energy” because she believes in them.

The British singer is currently promoting her third studio album All of Me. She didn’t want to rush her new release and has spent the past three years working on new material.

Estelle has a tried and tested formula when it comes to penning lyrics.

“It took me three years, so everyone was like, ‘Oh thank God, she is back!’ But the type of writer that I am, I have to live stuff and really go through things to be able to write about them. Everything on the last album, Shine, was real,” she told UK television show Lorraine. “There are people and places that I could tell you about on every single song. I think that works best for me and fans – they like that. So I stick to that formula. Live it, write about it, sing about it.

“You put an extra bit of energy into it when you believe what you are singing about.”

Estelle is best known for her duet with Kanye West on American Boy.

The single appeared on her 2008 album Shine and won a Grammy Award in 2009 for best rap/sung collaboration.

The 31-year-old singer she still can’t believe she had the chance to work with one of her idols.

“First of all it’s an incredible opportunity to be able to work with people that I have looked up to, people that I respect. And when you work with them and the stuff is phenomenal and goes beyond the clouds - then you think what did I do to deserve this?” Estelle explained. “That was incredible. That song came out of pure joy and it just keeps going – it will never be over.”

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