Dermot, warm up those dancing legs, Peter Dickson, warm up those voice over's time to face the semi final muuuuusssssiiiicccccc.

Last weekend, five became four and we said a sad farewell to Midas Act Janet Devlin. But fear not, the Midas touch sprang into action and within 35 minutes of being voted off, Duncan Bannatyne's RKA Records got in touch, offering Janet a deal.

As Janet is contracted to the show until after the X Factor tour, we will have to wait to see what happens next. That didn't stop the national media going to town with the story however. I even became her agent?

Whatever happens it looks like Janet is set for a great 2012 and I would like to publicly thank her family for their friendship and trust in me.

Onto the remaining four acts and this week the themes were Motown and a song that will help get them to the final.

Misha B was brilliant, two very strong performances from a great UK talent. For vocal ability I don't think anyone in the whole competition can touch her but if people don't warm to her and vote then it will be game over.

Amelia Lily is the perfect pop star and could record a top 10 album tomorrow. She could not have done anymore tonight. Two very strong performances.

The comeback kid could make the final, and I for one hope she does.

Little Mix have been the most consistent act in this years' competition and in the style of Louis Walsh 'they deserve to be in the final'. BUT, and there is a but, this was not their best week.

Words were missed on their first song and nothing was said?? Janet did not get the same luxury from the judges last week.

Saying that, I do like the girls and past weeks should get them to where they deserve. The Final.

Marcus Collins frustrated me so much this week because he is a great guy and he has been getting better and better. His first song was ok but his second song was not good and at times the vocals were flat... 'Can you feel it? Sorry Marcus I can't.

From being a red hot favourite he could find himself going out at the last hurdle.

So who will make it through to next weeks grand final...? You decide.

Right I'm off to deck my halls with bows of idea who Holly is though.

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