Australia got its first glimpse of new INXS frontman Ciaran Gribbin in Fremantle, Western Australia weekend

Gribbin acknowledged the founding singer Michael Hutchence telling the crowd “I know how important INXS is to Australia. I’ll never be able to fill his boots but I hope he’s up there smiling down on me”.

Gribbin is officially the 4th permanent lead singer of INXS after Hutchence, Jon Stevens and J.D. Fortune.

He fronted his first Aussie gig last night at the Fremantle Esplanade for the ISAF Sailing World Championships.

Irish born Gribbin has worked previously with Snow Patrol and was a writer for Madonna’s ‘Celebration’.

A recent setlist for INXS was:

Mystify (from Kick, 1987)
Heaven Sent (from Welcome To Wherever You Are, 1992)
Suicide Blonde (from X, 1990)
Taste It (from Welcome To Wherever You Are, 1992)
Disappear (from X, 1990)
Not Enough Time (from Welcome To Wherever You Are, 1992)
By My Side (from X, 1990)
Listen Like Thieves (from Listen Like Thieves, 1985)
Beautiful Girl (from Welcome To Wherever You Are, 1992)
Tiny Summer (new)
Kiss The Dirt (from Listen Like Thieves, 1985)
Bitter Tears (from X, 1990)
Don’t Lose Your Head (from Elegantly Wasted, 1997)
Elegantly Wasted (from Elegantly Wasted, 1997)
Original Sin (from The Swing, 1984)
Devil Inside (from Kick, 1987)
Need You Tonight (from Kick, 1987)
New Sensation (from Kick, 1987)
Never Tear Us Apart (from Kick, 1987)

Drum Opera
What You Need (from Listen Like Thieves, 1985)
Don’t Change (from Shabooh Shoobah, 1982)