Following the announcement of his UK tour next year, Jason Derulo has revealed, in an interview on MUZU.TV, that he would choose X-Factor over Strictly Come Dancing and that he would favour Cheryl Cole if given the choice between Cheryl and Tulisa.

In a quickfire round of 16 questions, Jason was asked by MUZU.TV to pick his favourite from one of two choices. Answers suggested that Jason might be a bigger fan of the Queen than of the Government, by picking Buckingham Palace over Big Ben, and that he is a true patriot, unable to choose between his love of Fish and Chips and a penchant for the Good old English breakfast.

Jason is not, however, divided like the rest of the country between North and South, choosing to favour the West, although he does go on to choose Liverpool legends The Beatles over the more London-orientated Rolling Stones:

Jason Derulo was asked:

1. Tinie Tempah or Adele? - Tinie Tempah
2. Cheryl or Tulisa? - Cheryl
3. Brown Sauce or Red Sauce? - Red Sauce
4. Football or Cricket? - Football
5. Big Ben or Buckingham Palace? - Buckingham Palace
6. Dubstep or Grime? - Dubstep
7. X-Factor or Strictly Come Dancing? - X-Factor
8. North or South? - West
9. Big ones or Small ones? - Big ones
10. Fish and Chips or English breakfast? - both
11. Takeaway or dinner out? - Dinner out
12. Beatles or Rolling Stones? - Beatles
13. Countryside or City? - Countryside
14. Rolls Royce or Bentley? - Depends on the occasion
15. Easyjet or Ryanair? - Easyjet
16. Briefs or Boxers? - Boxerbriefs