by:Larm proudly presents an in depth interview with the legendary american artist and producer Todd Rundgren.

Todd Rundgren first stepped into the spotlight with the sixties band The Nazz, and he later explored several musical directions as a solo singer/songwriter in the seventies, including stadium rock, progressive rock, power pop, ambient and soul. Rundgren on his best is right up there with visionary artists like Prince, Frank Zappa and Paul McCartney.

Rundgren can also add impressing merits as a star producer to his many musical triumphs as a solo artist or with his band Utopia. His resume includes production credits for the likes of Patti Smith, The Band, XTC, Hall & Oates, Meat Loaf and The New York Dolls to mention a few. He is also an avid innovator, pioneering music videos, CD-rom technology, mp3-subscription-services etc.

During his stay in Norway, Rundgren will also join a norwegian artist in the studio, and do a few intimate solo performances with material spanning his whole career.