The University of York in England is moving to make a house once rented by the Sex Pistols as a historical site. The reason for the move is that Johnny Rotten drew on the walls inside the home and they have been preserved.
Dr. John Schofield of the archaeology department said "This is an important site, historically and archaeologically, for the material and evidence it contains. But should we retain it for the benefit of this and future generations? In our view, with anti-heritage, different rules apply. The building is undoubtedly important, and could meet criteria for listing or for a blue plaque, if not now then in time."

Bruce Dickinson of Iron Maiden may have lost his piloting job earlier in the week, but that's not going to keep him out of the sky. He is planning to either reviving Astraeus Airlines or starting his own airlines.

A little more of the private side of Tony Bennett was revealed on Thursday night's Lady Gaga special, A Very Gaga Thanksgiving. Not only did she record with the singer, but she also stripped down for Bennett to do a sketch for an upcoming issue of Vanity Fair. The sketch was the idea of photographer Annie Leibovitz.

Stevie Nicks could be a part of music chart history. She does a narration on the video for Katy Perry's latest single, The One That Got Away, a song that Nicks says very much reminds her of her breakup with Lindsey Buckingham.
If The One That Got Away makes it to number 1, it will be the sixth from Perry's album California Dreams and she will set a new record, surpassing the five number 1's on Michael Jackson's Bad.

Alice Cooper recently talked with NME and the subject of Lou Reed/Metallica's Lulu came up. He said, if it was proposed to him "I would have gone, 'What?' It's like Iggy Pop making a record with ABBA. You're sitting there going, 'Where's the connection here?' So I really wanna hear it. Lou Reed's lyrics are as dark as can be. And Metallica is this gigantic, steroid metal band. How does this gel? I can't wait to hear it."

Finally, last week was the end of Regis Philbin's time on Live! With Regis and Kelly and, to salute his final show and more than 16,000 hours on television over the years (a record), Bret Michaels performed a special version of Every Rose Has Its Thorns. Below is the video of the performance which is also available on iTunes.