Lenny Kravitz insists he doesn’t do “the whole rider, rock star cliché thing”.

The musician is currently touring to promote Black and White America, his latest musical offering. Despite being a hugely-successful rock star, Lenny doesn’t have any diva-ish demands when it comes to being on the road.

“I don’t ask for anything to tell you the truth. I’m very simple. I don’t do the whole rider, rock star cliché thing. Not at all,” he explained in an interview with the Kyle and Jackie O radio show.

“No. I should have probably, but no I [never] did it. I don’t believe in wasting and ordering things just to order things. Some water, that’s it.”

Lenny is a long-time friend of Hollywood actress Gwyneth Paltrow.

The 47-year-old singer says the star is one of the warmest people in the entertainment world.

“She’s one of my favourite people. I’ve known her a long time. I love her very deeply. She’s wonderful. She’s a wonderful human being, and she’s a guy’s girl,” he gushed.

“You can hang with her, she’s a lot of fun, she’s extremely intelligent and beautiful. I can’t say enough good things about her.”

Lenny – along with Kylie Minogue – were approached to be the judges of upcoming UK TV talent show The Voice.

Kylie recently revealed she hadn’t accepted the role, with Lenny also admitting he has other commitments.

“There were some talk of things, but I’m on the road for the next couple of years. I’m flattered they asked me, but I’m dedicated to bringing the music to the people and staying on the road for the next couple of years,” he revealed.

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