Rolling Stone has gone to a new set of eyes to update its 100 Greatest Guitarists List that was first published eight years ago.

This time around, the magazine asked the opinions 58 artists on their choices including Ritchie Blackmore, James Burton, Steve Cropper, Dave Davies, Rick Derringer, Warren Haynes, Nils Lofgren, Brian May, Roger McGuinn, Robbie Robertson, Eddie Van Halen and Nancy Wilson.

The list is truly amazing, especially in the reverence that is paid to the veteran artists who created and improved on guitar playing through the ages. There are always going to be a few disagreements on such a list (Jeff Beck below Keith Richards? Les Paul all the way down at 18?) but, taken as a group of great musicians instead of a ranked list, it is an impressive line of true guitar gods.

Only two guitarists who haven't been recording for 25 years or more make the top 40, Derek Trucks at 16 and Tom Morello of Rage Against the Machine at 40. More appear further down the list, giving them a lot of masters to better in future editions of this list.

Pete Townshend has been one of the leading lights in rock guitar history with his influence spreading far and wide. managed to get into Pete Townsend’s dressing room to grab an exclusive interview with the star, see the uncut version below:

Here is the top 30. To see the full 100, go to Rolling Stone.

01. Jimi Hendrix
02. Eric Clapton
03. Jimmy Page
04. Keith Richards
05. Jeff Beck
06. B.B. King
07. Chuck Berry
08. Eddie Van Halen
09. Duane Allman
10. Pete Townshend
11. George Harrison
12. Stevie Ray Vaughan
13. Albert King
14. David Gilmour
15. Freddy King
16. Derek Trucks
17. Neil Young
18. Les Paul
19. James Burton
20. Carlos Santana
21. Chet Atkins
22. Frank Zappa
23. Buddy Guy
24. Angus Young
25. Toni Iommi
26. Brian May
27. Bo Diddley
28. Johnny Ramone
29. Scotty Moore
30. Elmore James