Amy Lee says her games console is the only things that “shuts [her] up” and saves her voice for performances.

The American singer-songwriter is currently on the road with her band Evanescence – also comprising of Terry Balsamo, Tim McCord, Troy McLawhorn and Will Hunt.

Amy enjoys chatting with her band members while touring, and insists the only way she can save her voice for singing is if she plays on her console alone.

“[My Nintendo 3DS] is sometimes the one thing that will help me shut up. If I can just go to my bunk, close the curtain and play Zelda then I won’t be talking and will save my voice for the show,” she explained in an interview with Kerrang! magazine.

Amy also revealed another couple on essentials for on-the-road comfort. The star swears by Ponaris Oil to sooth her throat.

“It’s a nosedrop full of eucalyptus oil: you lay back, drop one in each nostril and sleep on your back – it runs down your throat and keeps it moisturised,” she said.

“I know rock stars usually put things up their noses, but I don’t....”

Amy insists all travelling musicians need a “really good pillow”. The 29-year-old star goes out of her way to purchase the best kind of head-rest.

“There’s nothing worse than not being able to sleep because your pillow’s c**p,” she claimed.

“If I don’t have one on the bus, I’ll find one. I had to buy one for the US leg [of the tour]. So if you see me in [UK store] John Lewis, you’ll know what’s up.”

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